Moose Blood

February 23, 2017


Last minute shows are always the best. That literally was me when I went to go see Moose Blood at the Glass House in Pomona, California. The Glass house is one of the more local venues that I have gone to. Many of my early show memories ave been there, plus for smaller bands, this is an excellent venue to start with. For Moose Blood, this is the first heading US tour they are part of, and what a way to start it off than at The Glass House. This was my first time seeing all of these bands, no past exposure to them except a playlist on Spotify. So my joy in seeing these bands for the first time was very eventful.


The first band up was A Will Away. A small opening band. They gathered the crowed with there very relaxing form of music. Very similar to what Moose Blood had in store for the crowd. They played a short 20 minute set, but was a great way to get the crowd ready for the next band. Boston Manor was up next (no they are not related to Joyce Manor), and they got the crowd moving. One way I can describe there music style is if The Smiths was a pop-Punk Band, this is how they would sound. I know kind of a stretch to say something so bold like that, let me say it better. Think of the Sex Pistoles, but more Pop-Punk. They got the crowd moving. Moshing, Crowd Surfing, and Sing alongs were all here. Getting the crowed stretched out for Trophy Eyes.

One of the big bands I wanted to see at this show was Trophy Eyes. The Australian Band has had me interested in their genre of music for quite a while now, so this opportunity was one I had to take. They got the crowd moving with the first song Nose Bleed, and kept it going with Counting Sheeps, Breathe in You, and Chlorine. While bring old favorites like In Return and Come Clean. For about 30 minutes, Trophy Eyes entertained the crowd, and left everyone wanting more after they were done. The crowed loved them, clearly there was an audience for them and for those who are new to Trophy Eyes, they got a glimpse of one of the more energetic Pop-Punk Bands out there. Moose Blood had a lot to follow up.

Follow up they did as the headliners of the show Moose Blood came up on stage and killed it. They stared with Pastel and Honey and the crowd went nuts for them. Everyone was jumping, singing along and in a very rare sight, crowd surfing. This band sounded amazing, you can clearly hear the strong guitar riffs and the singing was on par with the album. The slow songs were a high highlight. Seeing the band play songs that required the crowd to sing along was a treat and to see the lead sing listen to the crowd and they sing the words he wrote must have been so much fun. Songs Like Gum and Spring took the show into a different mood, and the lighting used a lot of pink (I guess because they love the color pink). The Band is from the UK, so it was really cool to see them come do a headlining tour.

Its always so much fun to see a band for the first time because its an experience like no other. I became a fan of all these bands for the moment I was there, even bought a CD so that I can support and listen to them for the next time I see them. Local shows are always important, and by going to these shows, we support them so they can do more tours like this. A good night for good music.