Two Nights of Pop-Punk – New Found Glory

1481558436659.jpeg20 years of pop punk. It’s definitely an accomplishment that anyone can be proud of. For New Found Glory, this is one of the greatest feat they could have done. They have made nine albums (the newest on coming out April 28th) and thousands of shows played, it’s no wonder why the band still continues to go strong. The band celebrate this milestone by touring the United States playing six of their albums: Nothing Can Stay Gold, Self-Titled, Stick and Stones, Catalyst, Coming Home and Not Without a Fight. I attended two of the shows in the Observatory in Santa Ana, one of the best shows I have ever been to.





To recap the two nights, we had one opener per night. The first night was opened by Trash Boat, a band from the UK. They opened the showed playing some, from there debut EP getting the crowed very amped for the show. The second night had an old-school band Slick Shoes. A band that started un 1996 opening for New Found Glory as if they were just starting There were moshing, crowd surfing, and some sing along, but it was a good way to get the band ready for a long and fun night.



The first night, New Found Glory played Stacks and Stones and Catalyst. Begging the show the Crowd Favorite “Understatement” and then the song “All Downhill from Here” the show began with a band. The band did something different that most other bands don’t really do, they played both albums in their entirety, but in different order. So, they would play one song from sticks and stone, then switch to Catalyst, then back the first album, then two from the second album. It was a smart way to have the crowd invested in the show because that means the fans aren’t just there for one album. The first night was the longest show of the two, playing a good 26 song set list, the first night had “My Friends Over You” as the finisher song.

Chad Gilbert with a young NFG fan

The Second night was just as crazy as the first night. NFG played two albums as well “Self-Titled, and Not Without a Fight” This time, the band started with “Better Off Dead” and then switched over to “Truck Stop Blues”. again, the band did the same as the first night; playing both albums entirety. The crowd made the night so special, singing their hearts out on every song, fans prove why New Found Glory is such an important band, even 20 years later. The final night ended with “Hit or Miss” the perfect way to end two exhausting nights in Pop Punk.


As I mentioned in the beginning, 20 years of doing something is an amazing accomplishment. New Found Glory did that, still playing shows to this day and will continue on as long as they can. I have seen this band 12 times since 2011, and each time I have seen them, it’s always an amazing experience. So with that, thank you New Found Glory for 20 years of amazing music, here’s to 20 years more.




March 17, 2017


Its hard to say goodbye. That is something I have been thinking about when Yellowcard announced there break up in the Spring of 2016. I started listening to them when they released the critically acclaimed Ocean Avenue, I was 12 years old at the time in middle school. I enjoyed that record so much, it lead me to become a fan that would follow me until this day. The show at The Observatory in Santa Ana was the first of 7 shows they are playing and for me, my final time seeing them.

The show started with an acoustic performance of Sean O Donald. Sean was a member of Yellowcard from 2007- 2011. He joined the band for the final leg of the tour playing some of his original songs that he made from one of his albums. During his set, he asked the crowd how excited they are to see Yellowcard and even threw in some jokes, interacting with the crowd as he performed. Near the end of the set, he invited Ryan Key from Yellowvard to perform a song from a side project they have been working on. His performance was short and sweet, in preparation for what Yellowcard had in store.

Before the band started to play a quick message came informing the audience not to be on there phones and enjoy the show using our eye balls. I found this to be very commical. Fitting because when Yellowcard when on stage, the place went nuts! The band started strong with Way Away from Ocean Avenue, Followed by For you in your Denial from When your though thinking , say Yes. The crowd was unbelievable, I have always heard that the OC knows how to show a musician how much they appreciate them. This was no different as the crowed sang there hearts out like there is no tomorrow. There were moshing, Circle pits and Crowd Surfing all night. This was seriously a rowdy crowd, and I loved it.

The band spread there set with various classic from Ocean Avenue, to There final Self-Titled album, Songs range from fast upbeat pop-punk hits Lights and Sounds, Rough Landing Holly, and Rivertown Blues just to name a few. There also slow, sad and hopeful songs like Empty Apartment, Hang you Up and Be the Young. The set ended with the final track off of Ocean Avenue: Back Home. A strong symbolic end to what was truly one of the first of there final shows of there career.  At a good two hours, the 24 song set was enough to make any Yellowcard fan happy that all albums were represented. The show ended with 3 of Ocean Avenues most well known songs: Breathing, Only One and Ocean Avenue

Like I mentioned before, I have been a fan of these guys since I was 12 years old. For me, seeing them one final time is heartbreak (all together, I have seen them six times). But as I write this and think hey have had a 20 year career, I feel happy and privileged to see them one last time, So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you Yellowcard for 20 years of music, I will miss you.