Two Nights of Pop-Punk – New Found Glory

1481558436659.jpeg20 years of pop punk. It’s definitely an accomplishment that anyone can be proud of. For New Found Glory, this is one of the greatest feat they could have done. They have made nine albums (the newest on coming out April 28th) and thousands of shows played, it’s no wonder why the band still continues to go strong. The band celebrate this milestone by touring the United States playing six of their albums: Nothing Can Stay Gold, Self-Titled, Stick and Stones, Catalyst, Coming Home and Not Without a Fight. I attended two of the shows in the Observatory in Santa Ana, one of the best shows I have ever been to.





To recap the two nights, we had one opener per night. The first night was opened by Trash Boat, a band from the UK. They opened the showed playing some, from there debut EP getting the crowed very amped for the show. The second night had an old-school band Slick Shoes. A band that started un 1996 opening for New Found Glory as if they were just starting There were moshing, crowd surfing, and some sing along, but it was a good way to get the band ready for a long and fun night.



The first night, New Found Glory played Stacks and Stones and Catalyst. Begging the show the Crowd Favorite “Understatement” and then the song “All Downhill from Here” the show began with a band. The band did something different that most other bands don’t really do, they played both albums in their entirety, but in different order. So, they would play one song from sticks and stone, then switch to Catalyst, then back the first album, then two from the second album. It was a smart way to have the crowd invested in the show because that means the fans aren’t just there for one album. The first night was the longest show of the two, playing a good 26 song set list, the first night had “My Friends Over You” as the finisher song.

Chad Gilbert with a young NFG fan

The Second night was just as crazy as the first night. NFG played two albums as well “Self-Titled, and Not Without a Fight” This time, the band started with “Better Off Dead” and then switched over to “Truck Stop Blues”. again, the band did the same as the first night; playing both albums entirety. The crowd made the night so special, singing their hearts out on every song, fans prove why New Found Glory is such an important band, even 20 years later. The final night ended with “Hit or Miss” the perfect way to end two exhausting nights in Pop Punk.


As I mentioned in the beginning, 20 years of doing something is an amazing accomplishment. New Found Glory did that, still playing shows to this day and will continue on as long as they can. I have seen this band 12 times since 2011, and each time I have seen them, it’s always an amazing experience. So with that, thank you New Found Glory for 20 years of amazing music, here’s to 20 years more.



Good Bye Yellowcard

My Final dedication for one of my favorite bands.

When I was 12 years old, my sister had an album called Ocean Avenue. I remember hearing this song on MTV at the time (TRL was still a thing), and I remember falling in love with the song. This persuaded me to convince my parents to buy the album. Hearing songs Like “Way Away”, “Empty Apartment”, and “Only One” really defined my teenage years along with bands like Blink-182, New Found Glory, and Sum 41. This band was called Yellowcard, and it forever changed my perception on music.

I was attending Serrano Middle School when the album first came out. I had the whole album in constant replay while listening to other albums like Blink-182 take off your pants and Kacket and New Found Glorys “Sticks and Stones”. I found a strong gravitation towards Ocean Avenue because of how relatable the lyric were. “View From Heaven” struck a cord because around that time I lost my aunt while “Life as a Salesman” reminded me of my father and how he wants me to become the same man as he. The whole album was so important to me, it made me appreciate what I had and the band for making just powerful and inspiring music.

I continued to Still listen to them during the Lights and Sound Cycle. but after a while, I started to loose sight of them. There were other bands that started t make a huge impact like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance that I was paying more attention to. Unfortunately Yellowcard fell under the radar for me. I didn’t realized they released Paper Walls, or even had any new music coming.  I confess, I became one of those people who said “wait, Yellowcard is still a band?” The they went on Hiatus after 2008, thinking okay they are done.

It wasn’t until 2012 when It was the first time I finally saw them at Warped Tour (Still my favorite Warped Tour). It was a I imagined: great guitar sounds, amazing drumming, and a crowd that sang along to every word. This show followed up with a tour they had with The Wonder Years and We are The In Crowd in 2012. This brought me back to my teenage years, but now as an adult, I can appreciate the band more than ever. Listening  to maturing lyrics, they mean more to me than ever before.Such a strong performance could not be followed up, but it did. In 2013, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their first mainstream album, the band announced Ocean Avenue Acoustic tour. The band played all of Ocean Avenue with acoustic guitars along with a remade album. They played a 2 hour show with 2 sets. It was fantastic, and one that I have nostalgic for.


I, like many of us was devastated when Yellowcard announced there break-up. To me, it felt like a childhood coming to an end, and the first steps of maturing and growing up. Music has always been an escape to the reallitys of adulthood, and listening to bands like these always brings me back to a time when paying bills wasn’t a life or death situation. It was like my childhood was coming to an end, but then I realize that its not. I may not know they reason why The were calling it quits, but what I did know was this: Its time to move on and celebrate what the band has accomplished throughout its 20 years.

I was albe to see them on two of there farewell shows, both of them in Santa Ana. Those shows was a reminder of why I loved the band in the first place and for me, everything went to full circle. The teenager inside me came out, as I sang my heart out to every song on there catalogue they played. I never left a show so happy in my life, and this feeling of sadness I had became a feeling of joy. I was very fortunate to see them at least 6 times. Wether it was an acoustic show, or a co- headlining tour with New Found Glory, I was privileged to see them as much as I did.

So as a fan of 15 years, I just want to say Thank You Yellowcard. Your guys may be gone, but your music will last forever.

You are my Only, my Only One. ❤

Death Cab for Cutie

March 19, 2017


Indie shows are something to marvel about. I am someone who mainly goes to Pop Punk shows. I go to the pit and sing my heart out until I have no voice left. So when I go to a show like Death Cab for Cutie, an Indie band from Seattle, Washington, I kinda felt culture shock. Regardless, seeing them at the House of Blues in Anaheim was one unforgettable experience.

First of all, I was to give kudos to the new House of Blues in Anaheim. In 2016, the venue relocated from Downtown Disney to the Garden Walk, a shopping area full of diners and store. This is a very beautiful venue. It looks bigger, and the sound quality is so crisp. If there is one thing I do miss form the venue, its the dance floor (the pit) is a lot bigger. Before it was smaller giving it that small club show feel. but regardless, I am very happy for the improvements.




The shoe began with the Opener Pure Bathing Culture. This small indie band played for 45  minutes, performing many of there songs that is new for the audience. I had never heard of them until that night. The band had synths, guitars and a beautiful vocalist who performed with passion for her music.For the most part, they got the crowed excited for Death cab, just like any opener would do.

Death Cab for Cutie was up next around 9:15 PM. At an almost two hour set, the band performed a variety of hits dating back form there 1998 debut “Something about Airplanes” to there current release “Kintugi”. The show started strong with “I will possess Your Heart” and “The New Year”, getting the crowed exited. Once “Crooked Teeth” came on, thats truly when he crowed started singing there hearts out.

The show had it high fast moments and it sober, sad and slow moments. One of my favorites was when they played “I will Follow You Into The Dark” this beautiful acoustic song only featured front men Benjamin Gibbard singing about following the person you live till death. A beautiful ballad that was made even special by the singing of the crowd. At one point, the band did a cover of The Pixies song “Digging for Fire” with the front woman of Pure Bathing Culture. This wonderful cover followed up with he rest of the set and a 3 song encore: “Passenger Seat”, “A Movie Script Ending”and the eight minute emotional “Transatlanticism”

Death Cab for Cutie is a big well known band. So the opportunity to see them at a small show like the House of Blues is something of a treat. The show was full of good vibes, the audiance was so happy and satisfied to see them. I got into this band around 2003 when my sister was playing there songs none stop. This was only my second time seeing them since 2011 at the Fox Theater in Pomona, Ca. After almost 20 years, Death Cab still perform at a high level. Definitely looking forward to the new album.



March 17, 2017


Its hard to say goodbye. That is something I have been thinking about when Yellowcard announced there break up in the Spring of 2016. I started listening to them when they released the critically acclaimed Ocean Avenue, I was 12 years old at the time in middle school. I enjoyed that record so much, it lead me to become a fan that would follow me until this day. The show at The Observatory in Santa Ana was the first of 7 shows they are playing and for me, my final time seeing them.

The show started with an acoustic performance of Sean O Donald. Sean was a member of Yellowcard from 2007- 2011. He joined the band for the final leg of the tour playing some of his original songs that he made from one of his albums. During his set, he asked the crowd how excited they are to see Yellowcard and even threw in some jokes, interacting with the crowd as he performed. Near the end of the set, he invited Ryan Key from Yellowvard to perform a song from a side project they have been working on. His performance was short and sweet, in preparation for what Yellowcard had in store.

Before the band started to play a quick message came informing the audience not to be on there phones and enjoy the show using our eye balls. I found this to be very commical. Fitting because when Yellowcard when on stage, the place went nuts! The band started strong with Way Away from Ocean Avenue, Followed by For you in your Denial from When your though thinking , say Yes. The crowd was unbelievable, I have always heard that the OC knows how to show a musician how much they appreciate them. This was no different as the crowed sang there hearts out like there is no tomorrow. There were moshing, Circle pits and Crowd Surfing all night. This was seriously a rowdy crowd, and I loved it.

The band spread there set with various classic from Ocean Avenue, to There final Self-Titled album, Songs range from fast upbeat pop-punk hits Lights and Sounds, Rough Landing Holly, and Rivertown Blues just to name a few. There also slow, sad and hopeful songs like Empty Apartment, Hang you Up and Be the Young. The set ended with the final track off of Ocean Avenue: Back Home. A strong symbolic end to what was truly one of the first of there final shows of there career.  At a good two hours, the 24 song set was enough to make any Yellowcard fan happy that all albums were represented. The show ended with 3 of Ocean Avenues most well known songs: Breathing, Only One and Ocean Avenue

Like I mentioned before, I have been a fan of these guys since I was 12 years old. For me, seeing them one final time is heartbreak (all together, I have seen them six times). But as I write this and think hey have had a 20 year career, I feel happy and privileged to see them one last time, So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you Yellowcard for 20 years of music, I will miss you.



Moose Blood

February 23, 2017


Last minute shows are always the best. That literally was me when I went to go see Moose Blood at the Glass House in Pomona, California. The Glass house is one of the more local venues that I have gone to. Many of my early show memories ave been there, plus for smaller bands, this is an excellent venue to start with. For Moose Blood, this is the first heading US tour they are part of, and what a way to start it off than at The Glass House. This was my first time seeing all of these bands, no past exposure to them except a playlist on Spotify. So my joy in seeing these bands for the first time was very eventful.


The first band up was A Will Away. A small opening band. They gathered the crowed with there very relaxing form of music. Very similar to what Moose Blood had in store for the crowd. They played a short 20 minute set, but was a great way to get the crowd ready for the next band. Boston Manor was up next (no they are not related to Joyce Manor), and they got the crowd moving. One way I can describe there music style is if The Smiths was a pop-Punk Band, this is how they would sound. I know kind of a stretch to say something so bold like that, let me say it better. Think of the Sex Pistoles, but more Pop-Punk. They got the crowd moving. Moshing, Crowd Surfing, and Sing alongs were all here. Getting the crowed stretched out for Trophy Eyes.

One of the big bands I wanted to see at this show was Trophy Eyes. The Australian Band has had me interested in their genre of music for quite a while now, so this opportunity was one I had to take. They got the crowd moving with the first song Nose Bleed, and kept it going with Counting Sheeps, Breathe in You, and Chlorine. While bring old favorites like In Return and Come Clean. For about 30 minutes, Trophy Eyes entertained the crowd, and left everyone wanting more after they were done. The crowed loved them, clearly there was an audience for them and for those who are new to Trophy Eyes, they got a glimpse of one of the more energetic Pop-Punk Bands out there. Moose Blood had a lot to follow up.

Follow up they did as the headliners of the show Moose Blood came up on stage and killed it. They stared with Pastel and Honey and the crowd went nuts for them. Everyone was jumping, singing along and in a very rare sight, crowd surfing. This band sounded amazing, you can clearly hear the strong guitar riffs and the singing was on par with the album. The slow songs were a high highlight. Seeing the band play songs that required the crowd to sing along was a treat and to see the lead sing listen to the crowd and they sing the words he wrote must have been so much fun. Songs Like Gum and Spring took the show into a different mood, and the lighting used a lot of pink (I guess because they love the color pink). The Band is from the UK, so it was really cool to see them come do a headlining tour.

Its always so much fun to see a band for the first time because its an experience like no other. I became a fan of all these bands for the moment I was there, even bought a CD so that I can support and listen to them for the next time I see them. Local shows are always important, and by going to these shows, we support them so they can do more tours like this. A good night for good music.

Dashboard Confessional

This Concert Life

February 4, 2017


I have always been a fan of Dashboard Confessional since I was 12 years old. They are what many people like to call a throwback Band – music that people my age use to listen to back in high school or middle school. So when the opportunity came to see this band play a small club like the Chiltern, I took that opportunity and gave it a shot. What I got was a fun, exciting, and delightful experience.

Entering the venue, I was greeted with a fantastic performance from Long Beaches very own This Wild Life. They are a two piece group with acoustic guitars. lyrically and musically, they were on par. they sang there songs very well and showed that talent really only requires a guitar and voice. The duo opened the show with a vas away of sings from there previous albums as well as a quick snippet of Blink -182 First date (that was a very nice treat). The duo played for about 30 minutes before Vynal Theater came in.

Thesis where the shows took more danceable feel. Venal Theater consists of 3 musicians, a guitar, a synthesist and a drummer. The band played for 45 minutes bringing the crowd to clap there hands and cheer in preparation for the main band. They also had two covers they added in: The Killers All These Things I’ve Done and Coldplays Fix You. A good mix to get the crowd ready as Dashboard finally came on stage.


Dashboard Confessional was the headliners, and for a while, I felt like I went back in time to my middle school years. The opened the show with Saints and Sailors, the song had everyone in the Chiltern singing. it followed by The Good Fight and The Sharp Hints of New Tears. During the show, Chris Carabba announced the band is working on a new album, with it debuted two new songs form it – “We Fight” and later in the show “Heart Beat Here”. Of course it wouldn’t be a Dashboard show without some solo acoustic performance, and Caramba delivered. Ghost of a Good Thing, The Place you have come to fear the most, and this Bitter Pill were the ballads played and sounded amazing with the crowd singing.

The Hits were here, Stolen, Vindicated, Screaming Infidelities, and Don’t Wait were all represented as well as some deep cuts like As Lovers go. The band ended there set with there biggest hit, Hands Down ending in a loud musical spectacular that had everyone in LA singing there hearts out.



My experience with Dashboard is limiting. for the many years I have spent listening to them, this is the first time I was ever able to experience it live. It was a reminder of how we can get older, but music can never really age as it last forever. All I know is the 12 year old inside me loved every moment of it.


What is This Concert Life

Hello friends, my name is Christian Reina. Since 2010, I have been going to concert all around local venues and arenas in Los Angeles. It has truly been a joy for me to attend many of these shows over the past six years of my life. During that time, I would take many of my friends with me because lets face it, going to concerts with friends is always the best. Doing that, I exposed many of my friends to bands they would probably never have listen to and genres that they wouldn’t event consider a listen.

After years of going to shows, I have decided to take this love to a new level. I now attend shows by myself, by doing this, I can focus on the show experience more than ever before. So I made this new blog called This Concert Life; A personal concert experience.

These shows will include pop-punk, indie, alternative rock, festivals, and any other genres I am able to attend around Los Angeles. I want to share most of the shows I attend with pictures, videos and personal life stories of what a band means to me. There will be some throwback concerts as well since six years of attending concerts can bring great nostalgia.

So please join me as I venture into the world of blogging, and we experience This Concert Life together. See you in the pit.