Dashboard Confessional

This Concert Life


February 4, 2017


I have always been a fan of Dashboard Confessional since I was 12 years old. They are what many people like to call a throwback Band – music that people my age use to listen to back in high school or middle school. So when the opportunity came to see this band play a small club like the Chiltern, I took that opportunity and gave it a shot. What I got was a fun, exciting, and delightful experience.

Entering the venue, I was greeted with a fantastic performance from Long Beaches very own This Wild Life. They are a two piece group with acoustic guitars. lyrically and musically, they were on par. they sang there songs very well and showed that talent really only requires a guitar and voice. The duo opened the show with a vas away of sings from there previous albums as well as a quick snippet of Blink -182 First date (that was a very nice treat). The duo played for about 30 minutes before Vynal Theater came in.

Thesis where the shows took more danceable feel. Venal Theater consists of 3 musicians, a guitar, a synthesist and a drummer. The band played for 45 minutes bringing the crowd to clap there hands and cheer in preparation for the main band. They also had two covers they added in: The Killers All These Things I’ve Done and Coldplays Fix You. A good mix to get the crowd ready as Dashboard finally came on stage.


Dashboard Confessional was the headliners, and for a while, I felt like I went back in time to my middle school years. The opened the show with Saints and Sailors, the song had everyone in the Chiltern singing. it followed by The Good Fight and The Sharp Hints of New Tears. During the show, Chris Carabba announced the band is working on a new album, with it debuted two new songs form it – “We Fight” and later in the show “Heart Beat Here”. Of course it wouldn’t be a Dashboard show without some solo acoustic performance, and Caramba delivered. Ghost of a Good Thing, The Place you have come to fear the most, and this Bitter Pill were the ballads played and sounded amazing with the crowd singing.

The Hits were here, Stolen, Vindicated, Screaming Infidelities, and Don’t Wait were all represented as well as some deep cuts like As Lovers go. The band ended there set with there biggest hit, Hands Down ending in a loud musical spectacular that had everyone in LA singing there hearts out.



My experience with Dashboard is limiting. for the many years I have spent listening to them, this is the first time I was ever able to experience it live. It was a reminder of how we can get older, but music can never really age as it last forever. All I know is the 12 year old inside me loved every moment of it.


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