What is This Concert Life

Hello friends, my name is Christian Reina. Since 2010, I have been going to concert all around local venues and arenas in Los Angeles. It has truly been a joy for me to attend many of these shows over the past six years of my life. During that time, I would take many of my friends with me because lets face it, going to concerts with friends is always the best. Doing that, I exposed many of my friends to bands they would probably never have listen to and genres that they wouldn’t event consider a listen.

After years of going to shows, I have decided to take this love to a new level. I now attend shows by myself, by doing this, I can focus on the show experience more than ever before. So I made this new blog called This Concert Life; A personal concert experience.

These shows will include pop-punk, indie, alternative rock, festivals, and any other genres I am able to attend around Los Angeles. I want to share most of the shows I attend with pictures, videos and personal life stories of what a band means to me. There will be some throwback concerts as well since six years of attending concerts can bring great nostalgia.

So please join me as I venture into the world of blogging, and we experience This Concert Life together. See you in the pit.


Author: thisconcertlife

Hi, I'm Christian. I attend Concerts, and I blog about this. Come join me in This Concert Life.

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